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Arcana Studio
Arcana Studio

Leader in Subscription Digital Comics Offers Access to Titles from Top Industry Talent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 1st, 2012 – ComicBin, the leading provider of subscription digital comic books, has added the Arcana Studio line to its service. The ComicBin subscription service offers members access to digital editions of Modern and Golden Age comics, and starting immediately, includes 250 titles from award-winning comic publisher Arcana Studio.

ComicBin’s catalog consists of licensed content from popular publishers and public domain comic books from the early 1940s and 1950s. Over the coming months, the service will expand its offerings to thousands of comic books. The service offers ad supported and pay tiers with premium content. More information about the service is available at http://comicb.in.

Jason Goldsmith, founder and CEO, says: “Arcana Studio has worked with some of the top names in comics, like Rob Liefeld, Chuck Dixon and Marv Wolfman to create amazing comic books. We are extremely proud to be partnering with them to bring their creations to ComicBin.”

About Arcana Studio

Arcana was founded in 2004 after CEO and founder, Sean O’Reilly self-published Kade issue #1, debuting it at San Diego Comic Con, where Stan Lee himself signed a copy, wishing Arcana luck in its journey. Since then, the company has grown and established itself through using a transmedia approach to developing content and building brands. It is now home to one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels, comics and characters – with over 200 original intellectual properties, 300 graphic novels and thousands of characters. Arcana is also the only Canadian comic publisher to be chosen to sponsor Free Comic Book Day and has proudly done so since 2004.

Pushing past the boundaries of just publishing, Arcana uses its library to create unique worlds and engaging stories through exploring the realm of feature films, 3D Animated features, television series, toys, and more. Arcana has now moved into digital publishing and continues to grow as a premier content provider and intellectual property owner. This branded story world that Arcana has created can be found in over 15 countries, translated into over 7 languages.


About ComicBin

ComicBin is an innovative digital publishing service offering comic book fans instant access to the rich history of the comic book medium. ComicBin’s subscription service encourages readers to explore the breadth of content created throughout the industry’s long and storied past without resorting to piracy.

ComicBin provides users with a legal, easy to use comic book reader and provides fair compensation to publishers, creators and IP holders through a free-to-the-user ad supported model and a premium, paid model. ComicBin bridges the gap between comic book enthusiasts and the creators and also provides an opportunity for independent comics to reach the same audience as major publishers. More information about the service is available at http://comicb.in.

For more information please contact the ComicBin press office at [email protected] or by telephone at (209) CMICBIN  (209-264-2246).

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