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Northwest Press

Leader in Subscription Digital Cloud Comics Offers Access to LGBT Content

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 3rd, 2012 — ComicBin, the leading provider of subscription digital comic books, has added titles from the Northwest Press line to its service. The ComicBin subscription service offers members access to digital editions of an ever expanding library of comics and, starting immediately, includes 10 titles from graphic novel and comics publisher Northwest Press, which specializes in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) comics.

ComicBin’s catalog consists of licensed content from popular publishers. Over the coming months, the service will expand its offerings to thousands of comic books. The service offers users unlimited reading for a flat monthly fee of $8.99. More information about the service is available at http://comicbin.net.

“One of our focuses at ComicBin,” says Jason Goldsmith, ComicBin founder and CEO, “is to have something for everyone in our library. We want to have the most diverse library possible and the partnership with Northwest Press is a great way to get started.”

“When we started publishing two years ago, we knew that it was going to be vital to publish digital books,” says Northwest Press publisher Charles “Zan” Christensen. “We’re delighted to partner with ComicBin in making our books even more accessible and trying exciting new ways to share them. This is especially important because not everyone can easily find LGBT-themed comics in print in their communities. We love that ComicBin will be a place where everyone feels welcome.”

About Northwest Press

Northwest Press is a book publisher dedicated to publishing the best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graphic novels and comics collections and celebrating the LGBT comics community. It was founded in 2010 by comics writer and LGBT comics activist Charles “Zan” Christensen.


About ComicBin

ComicBin is an innovative digital publishing service offering comic book fans instant access to the rich history of the comic book medium. ComicBin’s subscription service encourages readers to explore the breadth of content created throughout the industry’s long and storied past without resorting to piracy.

ComicBin provides users with a legal, easy to use comic book reader and provides fair compensation to publishers, creators and IP holders through a subscription based cloud service. ComicBin bridges the gap between comic book enthusiasts and the creators and also provides an opportunity for independent comics to reach the same audience as major publishers. More information about the service is available at http://comicbin.net.

For more information please contact the ComicBin press office at [email protected] or by telephone at (209) CMICBIN  (209-264-2246).

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