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Today we have some new comics from our partner 215ink for you!
Click on the covers to start reading right away or scroll down to see the full list and a summary!

Massive Awesome #2The Price #1Black River #1Beware #2Blue Moth #2Breakneck #2Broken #1Cobble Hill #1Flutter #1Ghost Lines #1

The full list:

Massive Awesome #2

Massive Awesome #2 [ by 215 Ink ]

From Stephen Lindsay, the creator of Jesus Hates Zombies and Lincoln Hates Werewolves comes Massive Awesome! - The story of best friends, Commando Bacon and Zombie Pickle, as they try to unravel the mystery of who is attempting to destroy their lives. Ninjas, Giant Robots, Shadowy Government Figures, Scottish Luchadors and insatiable appetites for DESTRUCTION are but a few things standing in their way! Featuring an all new, never before seen FULL COLOR one shot of Jesus Hates Zombies.

The Price #1

The Price #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

When young, attractive, Erin Wheeler finds herself lost at a seedy roadside diner on the way to meet her business partner and an important new client, her troubles are only beginning. Looking for directions, but finding only the lecherous advances of a degenerate trucker and the unnerving stare of a sociopathic state trooper, Erin drives off alone into the fog. Pursued by the ethereal forms of ghostly creatures reaching out for her at every turn, Erin soon finds herself alone on the dark highway after being involved in a brutal car crash. Wracked with guilt over causing the apparent deaths of a woman and infant in the crash, Erin reluctantly accepts help from the mysterious trucker and begins to fear for both her life and her sanity as the world around her begins to unravel. A bizarre second encounter at the diner – now the location of an apparent rip in the fabric of time itself – brings Erin to the stark realization that the strange truck driver may be much more than he appears, and that in this world at the crossroads between life and death, she just might be more predator than prey.

Black River #1

Black River #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

Small time thugs, Alex and Vincent, accidentally hijack a shipment of guns. Despite Alex's misgivings, Vince attempts to sell the guns, leading them in to a deadly battle involving the local mafia and a crazy, right-wing vigilante.

Beware #2

Beware #2 [ by 215 Ink ]

Formula X

Breakneck #2

Breakneck #2 [ by 215 Ink ]

Collecting the first three issues of the hit indie supervillain series, Breakneck: Knives Out introduces D-list supervillain Ethan Shade, as he becomes the target for every superhero on the planet. Making mistake after mistake, and increasing his bodycount as he goes, can Shade find redemption? Or will he get thrown under the bus? The perfect jumping-on point for readers to see what all the buzz is about.

Broken #1

Broken #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

Broken is the story of Quinn Baker, orphaned by violence at a young age. After his parents are murdered in a seedy back alley, Quinn is taken in by a career criminal and mob enforcer named Big Mike, who teaches him the survival skills necessary to live in the criminal underworld. As he gets older, growing up in the shadow of Big Mike and his criminal lifestyle, Quinn begins to put together a plan of his own. What Big Mike doesn’t know can most definitely hurt him.

Cobble Hill #1

Cobble Hill #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

A coming of age tale of 17 year old Samantha Charles--sole heir to her family’s fortune after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her beloved parents. As a privileged but lonely kid, she is accompanied by the unwanted friendship of various inanimate objects that speak to her in cryptic messages, which eventually reveal her historical town’s deepest and darkest secrets.

Flutter #1

Flutter #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

Fifteen year-old Lily shape-shifts into a boy to get the girl. Chaos ensues from pretending to be someone she’s not.While coming to terms with who she really is and what she’s done, Lily learns that life as a boy is just as difficult.

Footprints #2

Footprints #2 [ by 215 Ink ]

Bigfoot and his crack squad of cryptid detectives follow the trail of beheadings and blood to a figure from their past. Learn the history of the brothers Foot and the wedge driven between them that led to their undoing! Also, betrayal!

Ghost Lines #1

Ghost Lines #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

At any given moment, there are between 20 and 50 active serial killers operating within the United States. When they can't be caught, a Stand-In is created to take their place. Deacon Sands is a Stand-In. But Deacon is also something more than human, as his creators are about to find out! Ghost Lines is a noir look at brainwashing, serial killers, and becoming more than human.

Gun Devil #1

Gun Devil #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

A small family on the run from a group of bandits crashes their stagecoach and is forced to retreat into the woods at night. On their trek they find a small camp and an old man who invites them to sit, rest, and listen to his story. The old man, functioning as the narrator of the story, describes the emergence of a mysterious wanderer arriving on the outskirts of a small borderland town. Not long after entering town he encounters a roguish pickpocket named Mcgraw. The pickpocket lifts a purse of coins of the wanderer only to be confronted by him a few moments later, at which point a duel seems eminent.

Jesus Hates Zombies #1

Jesus Hates Zombies #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

The Son of God returned to Earth? Check. Flesh eating zombies consuming everything in their paths? Check. President Lincoln shot forward through time to find himself in the midst of this madness? Heck yeah! A renegade zombie angel Hell bent on bringing about the end of the world? Um, yep. Werewolves? Sure. Zombie werewolves? Just what kind of book is this? Why, it's "Jesus Hates Zombies featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk...", the smash indie hit collected for the first time in one massive tome! And as a bonus, enjoy the one-shot "Happy Panda Funtime Show" that has major ties to the Jesus Hates Zombies universe!

The Kitchen Witch #1

The Kitchen Witch #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

The Kitchen Witch is for every boy who idolizes his dad. Kevin can't wait to see his dad's new restaurant- Traddiodad. The night before the opening, he sneaks down to the kitchen, and enters the fantastic world within its walls. There, the Gremlin Lord has stolen his secret family ingredient. To get it back, Kevin and Lovis, the Kitchen Witch, battle their way through towering mouse beasts, bacteria bandits, and fruit flywaymen. Kevin wants to make his dad proud, but the ingredient is a secret, even to him. Lovis and the Gremlin Lord stalemate in the Hanging Cast-Iron Islands, but Kevin discovers the truth of the secret ingredient and banishes the Gremlin Lord. Through his adventure, Kevin finds true treasure- a connection with his dad. The Kitchen Witch is an adventure combining Scandinavian folklore with raw childhood imagination and emotion. A Manhattan kitchen's geography becomes a fantasy landscape. Hanging pots become floating iron islands, grills become steaming ore fields- a new Narnia garnished with culinary flourishes. Contemporary issues frame the narrative as Kevin's dad struggles with single-parenting. Kevin wants to help his dad more than anything, which carries him through his own personal wondertale. This is the distillation of childhood, when the fantastic still waits around any corner.

The Kitchen Witch #2

The Kitchen Witch #2 [ by 215 Ink ]

The adventures of Kevin and Lovis, the kitchen witch continue! After being sucked into the magical world within his father's Manhattan kitchen, Kevin comes face to face with an army of beasts, all hunting for the same treasure: his secret family ingredient. If the roach monsters, ravenous silverfish, and gremlin commandoes don't get them, the whole mission could be ruined by Lovis's secret history with the Gremlin King himself!

The Kitchen Witch #3

The Kitchen Witch #3 [ by 215 Ink ]

The race to reclaim Kevin's secret family ingredient continues! The Gremlin King could've gotten away clean, if not for his own vanity. Now it's speedboats versus galleons on the high seas, with the fate of Kevin's restaurant in the balance! And for one adventurer, the mission may be over!

The Kitchen Witch #4

The Kitchen Witch #4 [ by 215 Ink ]

An unlikely Allie joins the quest to recapture Kevin Gordon's family ingredient! Lovis captured! Kevin marooned in the garbage wastes! The Gremlin King victorious? With the chips down, Kevin has a different treasure to rescue: his new friend! It's an all out dash through the skies to snatch back Lovis and the ingredient. But what is the secret ingredient anyway?

Love Monster #1

Love Monster #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

What would you do if the girl you loved only had eyes for monsters? Pearl is one such girl, smitten with masked psychopaths and horrible beasts. Little does she suspect that Bob, her awkward and timid best friend, has a crush on her. With Bob in tow, Pearl searches out her latest would-be boy-toy, the recently reanimated vengeance zombie, “Bag Head”! Can Bob keep Pearl alive through the courtship? Can Bob even keep BOB alive?

Southern Dog #1

Southern Dog #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

A coming of age tale of 14 year old Jasper Dixon, who struggles to adjust to a rabid wolf bite coupled with the hormonal changes of puberty - effects that trigger his werewolf transformation. Set in Fort Payne, AL, six weeks leading up to the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, he’ll learn to confront the complexities of racism, love, and what it truly means to be a family in the Deep South.

Transmeet #1

Transmeet #1 [ by 215 Ink ]

In the not so distant future, teleportation has connected the entire world. While technology amazes humankind…human life expectancy is very short and the ones alive suddenly develop health problems at a very young age… In this scenario, we follow the relationship between Eward and Claris. He, a young man living in Barcelona. She, a prodigy scientist working in Tokyo. Eward hates technology, always having problems when dealing with it. Claris on the other hand loves technology, a scientist with a very particular objective working on a secret project to extend human life expectancy. In this world ruled by megacorporations, Claris and Eward will have to break rules, turn down protocols... making us wonder: What is the limit to love?

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